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Steve Schmidt, West Jordan, UT, USA

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He is narcissist and cheated whole relationship. He wreaked of dirty cummed v****a. Caught texting other women. Verbally, mentally, emotionally abusive (threatened physically). Whitney Smith from Summit Senior Living is one of his fav f***s. She cheated on her husband with Steve but was caught by his best friend. She also lots rights to her daughter for partying was more important than being a mom. And she is FUGLY with her huge, flat nose. Still cheats on any of her boyfriends with Steve today. Steve is a liar, was caught red handed several times and still lies to get out of it. Blames everyone else when he wrongs anyone. His daughter is taken care of financially by her grandparents for clothes, shoes, hair, etc. Steve only provides a home. Plan on using condoms with Steve because he has dirty d**k and rarely uses condoms. His mommy wants nothing to do with him so he has major mommy issues.

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