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Stephanie Lynn Johnson

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Stephanie Lynn Johnson is an abusive, manipulated, s*** of a girl. She’s throws tantrums like a child but has sex with anyone for anything, a cigarette, a snack, ect. This girl has ruined so many people’s lives I lost track, she’s a compulsive liar that can’t lie to save herself which is how so many people catch on to her. She hooks up with anyone who’s desperate for a peace of a**. She even sent pictures of her a** and much more to anyone so those are around the Internet. She’s currently with a old man old enough to be her father which she told me she would never get with. If you see this mess of a woman believe me you don’t want nothing to with her. She gets almost every man arrested by playing the domestic aduse card, if she can’t get you to hit her she’ll try to pioson you. She did that to her last BF, who never laid a finger on her to harm her, even his mother bent over backwards for that hoe. She ended up getting knocked up by the grampa she’s banging while still with him, she “miscarried” aka smoking while you know your pregnant to kill the little basterd, if you do ever hook up with this thing try to stop her from throwing her 2 year old around like she’s a freaking rag doll, this heartless b**** might not have feelings but that baby does

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