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Stephanie Gelinas aka GellyCool from Quebec, Canada

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This horrible person made me believe she was someone who she clearly is not. She was a pain in my a*s for like 5 months. She constantly threatened with suicide if I didn’t buy her a video game online or if I stopped talking to her. She is very lazy. Dumb useless s**t gets everything handed to her by mommy and daddy; and has never worked a day in her life. College, rent, groceries, gas — everything given to her by her parents. She is selfish as f**k, annoying, whines and complains for compliments but it’s clearly very hard to compliment her as she has nothing going for her. During the first two months *about* she sent me very old photoshopped pictures of herself where she looked thin and pretty. Then when we started getting into a real relationship, she sent me dirty pictures of a completely different, very fat person. When I tried to confront her/leave her she threatened me with suicide and then she called my parents and the police on me saying that I was the one going to kill myself. Made my life h**l. She’d always demand things from me or else she’d kill herself, she’d say. Finally, it got to a point where I found out her friends paid guys to date her and decided screw it — she’s not going to harm herself, shes going to make me harm myself. She’s a horrible monster. She constantly talks s**t about her best friend Lawrence. Meanwhile, that same friend is the only one actually trying to look out for her.

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