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Stephanie A. Castro Pflugerville , Texas

First Name : Stephanie A.
Last Name : Castro
Gender : F
Age : 32
City : Pflugerville
State : TX
Country : US
Email :
Alias 1 : Stephanie leavons

She broke up my home with my ex even though we had 2 kids because they worked together. THEN she decides to act like a super psycho and stalk me. She moves her poor son back and forth from Colorado to Texas depending on if she’s with Carlos or not. In Between that she met 2 other married guys at the gym and a married guy at the bar. There’s video of her floating around giving a guy b******s in the parking lot. Then she preaches about how godly of a woman she is. She’s drunk every night and popping pills. She’ll tell anyone who will listen about how she has a weird p**n fetish for gay men like her brother. It’s just ducking weird that she’s turned on by men who look like her brother. A lot of weird shot with her. Lay of the drugs and alcohol Stephanie and stop dating married men. You obviously aren’t worth more than a parking lot suck off. If you were you would have a boyfriend that wasn’t married to another woman you’re worthless trash. In your 30’s living with mommy and daddy or some guys s****y apartment. Get your terrible worthless act together

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