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SriVani Sulam, MD, USA

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I was looking for a godly woman who would live with me and my parents. My mother is hearing and mentally impaired and my father has lichen planus. We found a girl who confessed to be a Christian and willing to care for my parents and myself. Her name was Srivani Sulam from Hyderabad, India. It is an Indian tradition for the girl’s family to give a dowry, but we did not ask for anything. We were more than willing to educate her and brother.
They were from a poor family and her father had passed away. I went to India to have a register marriage done and then to have a grand reception in America. When I reached there I was fooled as a grand marriage was in process with all rituals. I knew my extended family in India would be mad. I called my parents who were in America asking them what I should do. They said I should marry her, because if I do not; it will ruin her reputation. I understand, and being a Christian and trying to do what is right I obliged and followed through. Not knowing that my extended family was aware of what was happening and soon ostracized my family by a shunning. The days following the marriage I realized she was mentally unstable due to the events that transpired in her life. Her mother and step mother begged me to forgive her and be a father and husband to her.
Sri Vani did not even know how children were made. She came with variety of excuses, but when intimate she was fully aware of different techniques, which had me puzzled. She was preforming oral s*x a week after marriage would had me puzzled, because she portrayed herself to be innocent. A few days after my marriage I came to know she was flirting with my friend, and I have audio messages to prove it. She also before my marriage was flirting with a boy from church. Then when I left to go to America, she was flirting with her best friend’s husband. She had me believing what she said to protect herself, but after evaluating the situation for face value, I understood what she was doing. When she was pregnant she threw herself down the stairs at the hospital to abort the pregnancy.
We had many arguments over the phone and when she finally came to America she was unwilling to be part of the family. She envied my mother and was reluctant to be a part of the family. She would have s*x with me and forget she did it, making me conclude she is suffering from sexsomnia. I was raped but no one would believe me. She lied about her education and many other things. After one argument she left the house. I told her lets go to India or to Florida for some time. She refused and told me to leave my parents and be with her. I also later learned she had backup men near Pennsylvania. I cannot leave my parents. I had no choice but to divorce her to protect my parents. I would never do it, but had no choice.
She asked 9,000 dollars in order to sign the papers. She wanted this money to pay off her debts. She had been asking me this money all the time and I would always say no. She married me to pay this debt off. She refused to give back the gold that was given to her, and left the state to Washington to live with her friends. Near the two year mark of her visa, she married another man. She also tried to commit to harm herself in front of me by hitting her head against a lamp three times until it bled. She married me only for money. I spent over 30,000 on her and her family. We were only together less than three months.

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