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Sriram Jayabal Georgia, United States

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Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault and Abuse

Sriram Jayabal who also goes by Sriram Jbl sexually assaulted me and has been harassing me through all forms of social media since. He touched and forced himself onto me in a sexual manner and tried removing my clothes without my consent and became extremely angry when I did not succumb to his actions. He was angry not only because I did not give in, but he wanted to be in a relationship with me and I had told him that my education was my primary focus and did not want to be in a relationship with him.

He thinks sexual assault is a powerul word. Instead, he refers to call himself ambitious, all while he says he is not a predator or abusive and refers to what he did as a “minor mistake” instead of rape. I had broken capillaries in the shape of his hands on my chest and felt very traumatized by what happened. Sriram also has a porn addiction, he wanted to watch it with me and by doing so shoved his phone in my face where he had been watching adult videos online including the ones his friends had sent him. I wanted no part of this whatsoever. He calls himself a feminist, but he is anti-black, islamophobic, and homophobic, and continuously makes jokes about the 45th president.

He will not and can not be changed as this fuckboy does not see an issue with his actions. He will manipulate you and will do anything it takes to get what he wants regardless of who he hurts in the process.

If you are a sexual assault survivor or victim or have experienced any form of abuse, know that you are loved and there are people that will listen and support you. By collaborating as a global community, I hope that we can heal and learn together and spread awareness and knowledge to help those around us.

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