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Sophia Jackson of Telus is the ultimate home wrecker in Toronto Canada

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Sophia Jackson of Telus in Toronto is the epitome of a textbook case of a home wrecker who has destroyed many other people’s marriages including many of her own! Sophia Jackson is 63 years old and has been married at least 5 times that we know of and has 8 kids with various men. Sophia Jackson used to go under the names Sophia Shaw, Sophia Henderson, etc. taking her prior hubby’s names. She is am HIV positive serial cheater and lair with AIDS and carries STDs and STIs who creates a toxic and unhealthy workplace environment — both literally and figuratively. This is what happens when we hire under the facade of ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’. We’re stuck with the undesirables like Sophia Henderson! She should seriously consider seeing a doctor regarding her excessive flatulence. Sophia Henderson’s co-workers are disgusted with her body odor, bad breath, constant passing of gas, etc. It is a reasonable exception for people to be respectful of their colleagues but Sophia Henderson eats and farts openly at her desk as a result smelling up the whole office! Ewwww! Gross! Sophia Henderson even talks loudly on the telephone showing complete disregard for her fellow co-workers. Sophia Henderson must be nuts to think that people don’t gossip about her unhygienic habits. I hope this filthy animal from the jungles will see this post and get the message. I am shocked no one complains to HR!!! Yuck.

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