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Simon Jones

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Simon owns a bar in north Hollywood
Called Skinnies
He not only cheated with my friend that he met on my birthday in my house where we lived together. He then forced me to move out so he could bring her home to fuck her by threatening me with a 51/50 to put me in jail for being upset about it. He then proceeded to lie to all his employees and my friends that we were never together and that I’m “crazy”
I had been involved with him and living together for only 4months but he was able to seduce me into thinking we were possibly getting married. He gas lighted me and continued to belittle me and spoke in a demeaning way. Promised to help me with rent then disappeared with her. Leaving me financially and emotionally drained to the point I lost my home of 22 years. All the whole he knew I was also struggling with my best friends suicide. He’s a disgusting liar.

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