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Shy Love, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

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Originally from New Haven, Connecticut, Shy Love who is an adult performer. adult actress or adult entertainer (and who also is known as Shy Luv) deserves permanent blacklisting and is to forever be condemned due to the fact of practicing well known racism, bigotry, hate, and discriminatory practices especially against those who are non-white or non-Caucasian individuals who are mainly individuals who are African-American males in particular.

The original name of Shy Love is Sheelagh Patricia Blumbergh Albino and she is one who rightfully, correctly, properly, and accurately deserves to be sharply disapproved of for her bigotry and racial prejudice which she has indeed practiced especially in her “profession.”

The only word to describe Shy Love’s ways is to say that it is simply Evil. However, Evil People like Shy Love must be exposed and this complaint has been done to expose and reveal the truth about this mentally sick, wicked, atrocious, contemptible, crooked, corrupt, rotten, low-down woman named Shy Love and her bigoted behavior and ugly racist ways

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