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Shirlene Marie Nickel Greathouse

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Bellingham and Mt Vernon Washington, be careful with a 51 year old woman named Shirlene Marie Nickel Greathouse. She is a liar and tried to destroy and break up my sisters marriage… She preys on men and is looking to be taken care of. My brother in law was drinking heavy and my sister was working in another state for the year. She took advantage of my brother in law while he was drinking. He gave her thousands of dollars without realizing it. She also put a lot of pressure on my brother in law to divorce my sister. My sister had a nervous breakdown and flipped out. It was very sad to watch her become this distraught and fall apart. By the grace of God, the good Lord stepped in. My sister and brother were able to repair their marriage but now she stalks them.. She is very bossy and demanding. My sister was contacted by several guys who dated her. Apparently, after date three she starts begging you to marry her. She has 4 adult children who are struggling with life. They do not have steady jobs and neither does her ex. Shirlene works for Great Clips in Bellingham, so beware there. She goes through their customer logs at the shop looking for single men to date and take advantage of. Again, she wants to be taken care of.. She is demanding,pushy, and bossy. Portrays herself as a Conservative Christian… She is on POF, Our Time, Tinder, & Eharmony as ShirlMar….

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