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Shipmates Beware Lemoore, CA

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Lupita Cepeda or Atipul Adepec or whatever other names she’s using. I was dating this person over several months. She had some medical issues but I kept seeing her and we spent time when she could but then started to feel like something more was going on. I discovered that she has many different Facebook, Instagram, email etc accounts under different names. Further discovered that she is listed on a couple sites for contacting and hooking up with anything in a uniform including me I guess. Anyway I confronted her with all of this and she was angry rather than sorry and said she met someone else higher rank than me and was moving on anyway. I got a couple details out of her and long story but I know who it is and have tried to warn him. He doesn’t seem to care but maybe I can help out other shipmates. She’s a liar and cheater and looking for her next higher rank.

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