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Shikhar Garg South San Francisco, California

First Name : Shikhar
Last Name : Garg
Gender : M
Age : 29
City : South San Francisco
State : CA
Country : US
Phone : (951)640-6226
Alias 1 : Shikher
Alias 2 : Shikher
Website 1 : click to view website
Website 2 : click to view website

This guy is a COMPLETE PSYCHO. He has multiple accounts on several online dating websites. He keeps chasing girls and stalks them all over the internet. He demands women to meet him right away after he matches with them or will slide into your DMs to request you to meet with him. He is an egotistical jerk who has photoshopped images to make himself appear better than he does in person. He hides behind fake information on his dating profiles. He also asks girls to go on a trip with him to Vegas before he even meets with these women. He is also into phone s*x and wants to use women any way that he can!!! He’s very manipulative and emotionally abusive. He thinks it’s fun to torture and abuse women. He has made several fake social media accounts to follow his victims and hacks accounts to get more information regarding his victims. Please be aware of him and cut him off immediately if you are currently speaking to him! He is a user who is desperate for anything that he can get out of a woman. Please block and delete! This guy is a nightmare!!

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