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Sherrika Jones 12306 Poplar Forest Drive #A Henrico, VA 23238 USA

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This Gordonsville Bama Fat Bitch sucks dick and not very good at it. Thinks she’s hot shit because she attended James Madison University which her drug dealer brother (Happy Jackson aka Al Wood aka Aj Jackson Government name Alfred Wood) paid for her education with drug money. Because you attend college doesn’t make you smart worth a fuck. Can’t keep a dollar in her pocket because she can’t manage her money with a pussy ass husband who’s on disability with 3 foster kids and one of which is her cousin. Going to therapy with oldest foster child because they got issues and plus got kicked out of a church that didn’t want her family in their conjugation due to family suspicions. She doesn’t have any kids probably because she can’t reproduce with a heart condition among other things. She uses the children like their her personal slaves like that ass is glued to the couch. Her house looks like a pig sty inside and out with 3 dogs as well in the house.

Talks about her mom and I quote”She (Evelyn) gets on my fucking nerves” like you never got on her mom nerves as a chubby child. She thinks that she’s untouchable like her brother. From time to time she smokes marijuana and allows her brother to have drug interactions in her house as well as keeping her brother’s illegal drugs & weapons in and around her house. Uses her brother to benefit from any illegal actions that he’s involved in. She uses the foster kids for tax write offs and any other benefits from the government to bring in more income for her and her husband. She employed at Buzzeo PDMA as a Senior Business Process Analyst and hates her job with a passion stays there to keep that paycheck coming on the regular. Yet, she claims she cares about children, civil rights, social actions, education, health, human rights, poverty alleviation what a joke! Yet her and your brother are thick as thieves with the illegal actions. That’s interesting when claim you stand for different things on the resume well good luck with that!! That ass is so fat I had to put powder on her tubby ass just find her wet spots!! 😉

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