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Sheena Tadena (Fresno, California)

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Dated her for a year. She’s fake as fuck. She pretends she is caring, thoughtful and loving but it’s all fake. It’s all about her and the numbers on her Facebook. Everything she says is a lie. I’m posting this because she threatened to file rape because I wouldn’t give her $200 after a fuck. I thought for sure we were going out, why wasn’t I informed that I was sleeping with a prostitute?

She tries to prove her intelligence by repeatedly telling you she’s smart. She is physically abusive and loves drama more than she will ever love you. She spends her time taking pictures of herself and counting numbers on her Facebook. She likes the attention of any man, especially ones with kids.

Sheena Tadena is a 31 year old Filipino attention whore with bad vision that makes her mildly crossed eyed.
Stands at 5’5 and currently weighting over 180 pounds of bullshit.
Has long black hair that’s falling out and drapes directly over her nipples, and dark brown eyes that have a tendency to go cross eyed. Sometimes wears glasses.
Sometimes brags about her hard working success of being a pinay.
She’s on at least ten different dating sites including OKCUPID, SUGARDADDIE and any other sugar and daddie and dating sites there are. I kid you not, she’s on all of them. She tries way too hard to famous for the way she looks.
Was a medical assistant student at San Joaquin Valley College.
Worked at Home Depot in the nuts and screws department.
Drives a grey Nissan 2.5 Altima.

She is all messed up. I watched her steal money from her friend’s purse. She parties hard whenever she has the chance, you can find her at any club drunk and unable to walk in those heels she couldn’t walk in on the first place, begging for drama. Lies about everything, even the color of her shoes. She says nobody can resist her. She will suck anyone. She was married once, she bragged that she cheated on him from the week of the their. Now she has a baby, no idea whose baby it is but she acts like it’s her current boyfriend’s but it look nothing like neither of them. She should really keep her plus sized underwear on and STOP breeding. I don’t know what’s uglier, her with the baby or a cockroach with a big ass fucking egg sticking out of its butt about to give birth. She acts like sh’es happy with her boyfriend but that’s total bullshit. She cheats on her boyfriend with her other boyfriends and every other guy she flirts with. Sleeps with men and demands money or else she would say rape. Pretends to be helplessly depressed with a hard life.

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