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Shawya Fu. Yueyang, China

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Ex gf, cheated with a British prick by the name of Alex Parslow, and even threatened to kill me with a steak knife (after a minor argument). She later said she wasn’t going to kill me, and that she only did it so I would listen to her. Xiaoya Fu, from Yueyang China, near Changsha, the capitol of the Hunan province. Online she is Shawya Fu or Showyar Fu. She has the letter “S” tattooed on the back of one of her hands between her thumb and index finger area.

She didn’t want many people to know this, but she’s had plastic surgery done on her face (eye, nose, cheek area).

Psycho bitch always loved attention. I guess she’ll get it now. She always enjoyed it when other guys she talked to flirted with her or sent them shirtless photos. She was never very good at sex either, total plank most of the time. Terrible at blowjobs, won’t go more than a few seconds without complaining that her jaw is uncomfortable.
Only redeeming qualities are that when she’s not being a manipulative psycho bitch, or a slut, she’s rather sweet – and she’s got a damn good body.
What a waste.

If you’d still go there, I’m sure you can find her online and tell her what you think of her, or the “asshole ex bf” that uploaded these.

** She has since changed her Facebook name to Shawn Shawn, location set to Changsha. Non-face profile picture. **

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