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Shawn Michale Dickerson. Newport Beach CA. United States

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The Cheater: Shawn Dickerson Shawn Dickerson
The Comment: Lady’s and gentleman if u want to learn how to cheat; lie and steal; and get away with it in court and how to fuck good people over for rejecting their abuse! Shawn Dickerson is the attorney for you!

If you want to trust a man that has total of five marriages and claims ALL his ex wife’s to be crazy and abusive yet he has 8 bastard children and allowed his ex wife Isabell to be pregnant and homeless living motel to motel till she found her own feet.

A man that forced me into two abortions don’t worry a secret recording of him confessing not just this but other disgusting acts will be exposed soon on YouTube and other sites where you can clearly hear him admit to trying to send me to jail unless I would go to dinner with him! Him also admitting how his ex wife made false aligations about me to CPS and his family pressing false charges on me to keep my mouth shut so he would not be excommunicated from the mormin church.

(May I point out no woman wakes up and decided to be crazy; it takes a lot of abuse from someone to cause this.)

I had to flee the country and a friend of mine that is all knowing of Mr Dickerson actions is aware and hopes Shawns new gf reaches out to him like she did me at two am to call me crazy and brag how she traveled the world to suck dick!

Good for you!

Darling he lied about getting u pregnant and is with you as a rebound.

I told you my friends name and can give u plenty of proof but knowing u are just like me when I first met him! In love. Stupid. Won’t listen to reason but think she’s doing the right thing by getting in the middle of an abusive relationship.

To only know 50% of the story is sad to side on that notion also shows closed mindedness when u knew it was 2am and decided to call and harass me.

But think really hard Sophie!

Five ex wife’s. Really emotional messed up kids from two women he calls crazy! Darling we are not.

And you are his next victim!

And after how u spoke to me after stating

“I am just trying to understand!”

You were not trying to understand you were acting like an adolescent chav child!

It’s sad!

Don’t call a woman crazy darling till you take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Shawn send my money for the belongings of mine that you stole and register to ur ex wife Isabell and ur spoilt daughter Aubry!

And my she-da built custom ring and my mail that was at your office!

Or I will publish not just the recording of your confession but of the last month and half calls!

Let’s see Sophie call me a crazy bitch at 2am again!

Or would you like my bf to call u in middle of night in kind returns to your call of 2am and your gf telling me due to your cowardice of not having the balls to tell me yourself. Yet end up in a relationship after begging me to come back and me rejecting you!

I only want my belongings back and my ring!

Ps he is also shagging Amy his secutary that he allows to fuck up filings so he can charge his clients more for “refiling”

Also if I block you on fb please stop making fake fb accounts to stalk me! Fuck off

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