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Sharla Bennett Johnstown, Pennsylvania

First Name : Sharla
Last Name : Bennett
Gender : F
Age : 34
City : Johnstown
State : PA
Country : US
Alias 1 : Shar
Alias 2 : Sharla Lynn
Alias 3 : Shar Bennett


Sharla Bennett is a human piece of white garbage. She has 4 Kids to 3 different men of a whole assortment of races. At 34, she is a middle aged mega-hoe who is only interested in serving herself and no one else. She doesn’t care about her kids at all. if she did, then she wouldn’t keep s******g out new ones with new dad’s who she also doesn’t care about. She is the definition of the word psychopath. Not in the “I’m a badass who might stab you” kind of way, but in the actual meaning of the word, which is someone who will do anything and everything to serve themselves with no regard whatsoever for anyone else. And someone who is a complete fraud who acts like they have feelings like everyone else, but really and truly does not.
Since no decent guy would ever have anything to do with some looser like her who usually stays unemployed, or at the very best has a part time job and has 4 kids and a bunch of baby dad’s, she tries to find beta males to chase her around so she can then she takes full advantage of them. Uses, abuses, lies to, and cheats on. This is what people do who do not have a conscience of any kind. She just got caught banging some black dude at her part-time looserville job very recently and lied (as she always does) through her teeth about it even though she was caught red handed. She also used to brag to co-workers of a previous job she used to have (another looserville job by the way. She’s never exactly been good-job material) about how she got a train ran on her and gang banged by a bunch of the male staff and supervisors and how much she loved it. That must have made her feel special.
This is not someone who should be responsible for 4 children. This is not someone who cares about her kids, and has no real friends , or loved ones. She is truly all alone, And she will spend the rest of her days alone. People are realizing that she is a true piece of s**t looser who acts like she isn’t a looser on the surface, but in reality she collects welfare from all of the kids she keeps pooping out. Her poor children are literally supporting her rather than the other way around.
If you see this poor excuse for a human being, stay away from her. She is toxic, she has no morals, she is dirty, and she more than likely is full of STD’s. Psychopaths are usually cunning, but Sharla is dumber than a bag of hammers, so she is no threat of any kind, but watch out because if you are a guy she will try to manipulate you with her gross 4 kid having vaj and wont give a F about you knocking her up with a 5th kid so she can get more a dat welfare. This is what uneducated low IQ having women psychopaths tend to be like.
Sharla, you are an embarrassment and should be ashamed of yourself, but I know (and other people who know you know) that you aren’t, because you don’t care about anything or anyone. You only care about you. You need to realize that you grew up to be someone who isn’t grown up at all. You have the mentality of an special needs autistic who thinks it’s easier to blame everyone else for everything that has gone wrong in your life.
Your always going to be a piece of s**t dirtbag, but you need to realize you create your own karma and you are the reason your life has gone to s**t. It’s not everyone else. It’s you. You are mess, you are a problem and you are the problem.

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