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Shane Richard. Seattle, Washington. King.

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Shane Richard (White Shadow) also known as Shane Richard Engberg has failed to take care of his responsibilities. He is the father of 3 children, and in 2010, assaulted his 4 month old daughter while the mother was at work. As a result of his actions, his youngest daughter Melody is completely disabled, severely brain damaged, unable to function on her own, blind, eats through a feeding tube, takes several medications a day, can’t walk, can’t talk, and has multiple seizures daily. Shane is a felon, who only served 6 years for this horrific crime and since his release last year has failed to pay his back child support, restitution or show accountability or care for his actions. Shane has been contacted on different occasions by several different sources, however, still refuses to pay or take any responsibility. This report is not to bash or attack Shane, but to warn (make aware) others and hope that one day he can step up to the plate and try to fix some of the damage he has caused. After all the pain he has caused his children, ex-wife and all those who believed in him, whom he has tremendously failed. Were asking for Shane to do something so simple and that is show some sort of support by making regular payments of any amount, send an apology or show some sort of remorse for what you have done. People are trying to work with you, not against you and would appreciate your cooperation Shane.

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