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Shalonta Bowman Wheaton, Maryland

First Name : Shalonta
Last Name : Bowman
Gender : F
Age : 28
City : Wheaton
State : MD
Country : US
Email :

Shalonta Bowman was born to a single mom named Roxanne Bowman. Her father is supposedly Harvey Langley (deceased), but no one knows for sure. Shalonta does not have her father’s last name, she has her maternal grandfather’s last name, and that’s very odd.

Shalonta is a sugar baby, and she met her current sugar daddy, Kevin “Ben” Smith through the site SeekingArrangement. Shalonta is possibly the only sugar baby in the world who is still broke after finding a sugar daddy.

Shalonta previously dated “Jeff the Junkie”. Shalonta loved this junkie, but Jeff loved white girls (e.g. cocaine and heroin) much more than he loved Shalonta.

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