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Sean Stewart: Arlington/Dumfries, Virginia

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When I met Sean Stewart he informed me that he was unmarried. A year into our relationship I learned that he is married and cheated on his still current wife with another woman and conceived a child. I also learned that he is still sleeping with his son’s mother.

Sean will lie about his martial status, living situation, finances and extensive criminal record. Ladies, I urge if you ever come into contact with Sean Stewart run quickly!’ He comes off a gentle giant when in fact he is a wolf in sheep clothing. Trust me when I say to you he is not worth it and do not want any other woman to have to go the civil legal matters that I now face with this man, who claimed so much to love me. Ladies beware!!!

One thought on “Sean Stewart: Arlington/Dumfries, Virginia

  1. I will add that his Facebook profiles says he lives in Bellevue, Washington, another lie. He should be added to the top ten for being a con artist.

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