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Scott St.John Chattanooga,TN United States

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In the beginning you will think he is such a nice guy ,but day by you will see the real him. I ended things with this guy because he never put in effort and he would expect sexual favors. It all started when I was a junior in high school and he was a senior. He lead me to think he wanted a relationship then when prom season came around he took another girl to prom and didn’t tell me anything about it. I found out the day of prom. I didn’t talk to him after that happened until he apologized. ( I was very naïve) . Then when he went off to college we didn’t talk as anymore but the harassment started. When we were still on speaking terms I asked him over and over to spend time with me. I even suggested taking summer trips to Universal, Gatlinburg ect. When he got a new girlfriend that he met on Tinder he takes her everywhere I suggested. Then he would plaster her all over social media. I didn’t care about any of this until he started calling me random times all through out the day ,texting me pretending to be a mutual friend, and stalking me. He was contacting me while he was in a relationship when I figured out it was him calling from various numbers and blocked numbers I stopped answering. He also posted my number on a local escort website. He would use mutual “friends to stalk me at my job and on my social media.His friends would also harass me as well. I honestly think this guy needs professional help I think he is a sociopath. I pray for any girl that becomes his next victim. All he does is use and abuse.

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