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Scott Hendricks, Denver, Colorado

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Meet Scott Hendricks he is a compulsive liar. He walked out on is family and hasn’t seen his youngest son in months. He doesn’t support his baby at all. He is a horrible human being and father. Everyone knows he is a major loser and drug addict. He has a psycho ex-wife Corinne who he will let stalk you and harass you and your children. These two are the most dangerous abusive people out there. He says all his exes are crazy but he is and his ex-wife are crazy. He is still married and cheated on his wife with trasvestites and whores.
Scott Hendricks who works for Wells Fargo was born on 2/1/1980 and has major mental and drug problems. Stay away ladies. He is also a classic narscassit read about how dangerous his kind are. He is a total deadbeat loser and father stay away. A man who can walk out on his family and not see his baby is the worst kind of man. He is a horrible human being. Everyone knows he is a psycho. He comes off charming and good looking and the. He turns into the devil. Stay away! Tell everyone you know about him

One thought on “Scott Hendricks, Denver, Colorado

  1. His ex Madyson Hendricks/Marqette is an ex-pornstar, prostitute who did drugs and has spent time in jail and
    shouldnt be raising two children. She also likes to blame her family and the adult industry for all her problems. She should give up custody of her kids and go back to LA to shoot porn under her stage name
    Fayth Deluca. She really likes black guys

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