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Scott Hancock, Somerset, Kentucky

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This POS uses his bad marriage and wife leaving him to get into women’s heads and make them feel sorry for him and do things they would normally have never done by going behind your back meeting up ,kissing , constant messaging , he even called my wife 33 times in 3 weeks during this so called “friendship”. He doesn’t take into consideration what effects this will have on the women when they realize what they have done! This was easy for Scott because I travel with my job and I am gone weekly. His excuse for kissing my wife on different occasions is that he is sad and lonely WTF poor excuse you knew exactly what you were doing. He even was going to let my wife buy clothes etc for him , what decent man does that , I guess that’s what happens when you are 45 years old living with your mom and stepdad. If you notice this man in your wife’s Imessanger beware. This man has caused a lot of heartache in my household but thanks to counseling he didn’t succeed at breaking my marriage up so I’m sure he will move on to the next married victim.

Beware if this man is friends with your wife!!

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