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Scott G Wise Sioux Falls, SD US

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I met my ex while I was working. He charmed me hook line and sinker! Day1. He would tell me stories to make me feel bad for him. He said he was adopted. His adoptive father was abusive (I never did verify if he truly was adopted). We eventually started working together as personal contractors delivering flowers to bars. At the end of each night we were to pay what we owe the owner and keep the rest. Somehow I would end up short and it never came out even. Eventually I figured out he was stealing my hard earned money. I started to question him and being the salesman he was, always had a ready explanation for everything and somehow made me believe or look past it. (stupidity on my part) We dated for several months and once or twice a week he would just disapear. Wouldn’t call or respond to my messages. When I stayed at his place (his mother’s basement) he passed out and I went thru his phone. He was on craigslist and responded to ads on there to have sex with girls and guys. Quick fucks…etc. Thru out our 6 month relationship he had borrowed and stolen over $2000. He had me so mind fucked it was hard to walk away even after he did all of this. Later found out it is a form of abuse called crazy making. I have now spoken with ex girl friends and he has stole lied cheated with all of them. He is a narcissistic sociopath that only runs girls self esteem and life! I wish someone would have warned me. He has tried throwing me in jail for stalking (he invited me over) thank god I kept my text messages! He did have an ex thrown in jail and when she got out her house was cleaned out by him. If you girls knew what was good for them, they wouldn’t walk from him they would run as far away as possible. They guy he says he is is not the nasty guy you get. He will ruin your life and take everything you have.

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