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Scarlett Liu Toyota Plano Texas Los Angeles CA Homewrecker and Lesbian

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Scarlett S Liu moved to Plano Texas with Toyota. The gook was in Los Angeles in Accounting at Toyota. Anyone can look at her Facebook and see she has a foul mouth and does street drugs. Scarlett even has petty theft criminal charges but Toyota does not conduct drug tests or criminal background checks. This parasite entered the world on Jan 21 1975. Scarlett Liu is a ruthless home wrecker but for her own team. Yes she likes girls. Toyota has paid thousands of dollars in sexual harassment discrimination claims which name Scarlett Liu as suspect number one. Scarlett cusses like a drunken sailor and makes Rosie ODonnell look like a soft spoken schoolgirl in comparison. Scarlett plays the man role because she said her husband had erectile dysfunction that viagra can’t even cure. Truth is she is the only girl he can’t get a boner for, it is a loveless marriage. Would u want to wake up to this ugly nasty snoot everyday? She gets more scars and fine lines everyday and has bad hygiene. Lots of employees don’t want to work in proximity to Scarlett because she stinks and don’t wash hands after leaving restroom or going down on/fingering a girl. What a disgusting piece of shit Scarlett Liu is- the marijuana she attempts to smoke won’t even light up for her! That’s why she has to use other street drugs and supplies them to young children.

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