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Sarah Rose Stacher Pine Grove, California

First Name : Sarah Rose
Last Name : Stacher
Gender : F
Age : 24
City : Pine Grove
State : CA
Country : US

She will suck you in with powerful words like soul mate and big plans like marriage, but sooner or later you will find that not just some but every last bit of it is a falsehood and if there is anything left of you to so much as cry out in pain “but I love you, Sarah” you should count yourself lucky if you even have her full attention. I somehow loved her more than life itself and doing so consequently nearly cost me my life. I lived for her so to face that nothing was real was to face that I had lost the very last reason I had to live. I still love this girl more than anything, I just know now that the girl I love does not and never has existed. So terribly sad. Beware. She will take everything from you! God help you.

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