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Sarah Jenkins, La Porte, Indiana

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I pushed my husband to go back to school back in 2012. I really thought he could make something of himself, I believed in him. I pushed him hard, helped him with the classes he was struggling with, and stayed behind him faithfully 100℅. Everything was great until he met Sarah Jenkins. Sarah is also married, but constantly is sneaking behind her husband’s back to sleep with multiple men…including my now ex husband. After I stood by him and worked my fingers to the bone (putting my career on the back burner in the process) to support our family he thanked me by cheating with her…for two years!!! I first found out about it when I found over 2,000 explicit Facebook messages between the two. He swore nothing physical happened, blocked her, and asked her not to speak to him anymore. Well, I found out later that never happened. She just threw herself at him even harder and they got more sneaky. She went as far as to bring my ex over to her house to hang out with her and her husband as friends. Then my husband “left” waiting around in their town of Knox, IN until her husband passed out and they would meet up and have sex. I hope to god her husband sees this too! Hey Ryan, they fooled me too! I blame both her and my husband for this. It is ridiculous, and I’m sorry to anybody else who has to go through this…it is a horrendous experience. Hopefully the karma bug will bite them both soon! Oh, and to my dear soon to be ex-husband: If you were going to cheat, couldn’t you find somebody who was at least remotely good looking? You’re nasty and I hope she was worth losing your family over.

2 thoughts on “Sarah Jenkins, La Porte, Indiana

    1. Not all guys just want sex. you just have to find the guys that aren’t all about sex.. a guy that actually cares about you. when you start diatng a guy take it slow, and if he pushes it till him you want to wait for a while, and if he sticks around he cares about more then just sex, if he breaks up with you, or keeps pushing it then all he cares about is sex. you just gotta weed out the good ones from the bad ones. good luck, it takes a long time to find the right guy, but when you do it’s worth it.

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