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Sara Jean Ness Greenbaum, St. Cloud, Minnesota

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Okay, let me blow your minds… My man and I were together for 8 years, obviously we’re going to have problems… he meets up with his ex (Sara Jean Ness Greenbaum) from when he is 17 and they have coffee… Well, he fills her in (he is wasted every single day that he is around her) she is supposed to be an addiction counselor (the kind that helps people) she and he come up with this plan… For him to abandon me and his TWO year old daughter… Anyway… she (this “great” addiction counselor) tells him that it’s okay… you know… because she “saw” him first… We’re in our 30’s… I’m not in the 2nd fu**ing grade! Anyway, she does her best, sends sooooo many PATHETIC e-mails… She legit was OKAY with him having sex with me and her at the same time. Anywho… I was on my way out… BYE! I was done… he asked me to marry him… Here is the f**ked up part… I Did NOT know about the sexual part… Yes, I’m stupid! Here is the other part… having NOTHING to do with religion… He knew I would never ever divorce… oh… and she is a thousand miles away! I’m convinced God put her so far away on purpose… What I DO NOT get is… She is supposed to help others, lift them up, be a good person in general… she claims she is in recovery but… That’s a very addictive behavior… congratulations to any company that hires her… She was pregnant within 3 months from her last boss…

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