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Sara Dennis, Vancouver, Washington

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She messed with my head, feelings, and emotions, sending many mixed signals. She is in denial of her feelings for me, and somehow proceeded to turn things around to make me look like the psycho, and have me begging and apologizing, when she should feel more guilty for dumping me in an email! Her reasons went from being very apologetic, to sending me cruel and very hurtful explanations of how she did not want me, felt nothing for me, and that I was not her type. This after two months of dating and sex. Besides the fact that we are so much alike and have things in common, and the same sense of humor. She needs to look deep in her mind and deep in her heart, or she will never be happy with anyone, especially herself. She also now I have discovered, is emailing people that I email, telling them shit about me, causing them to think that I am some bad person.

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