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Sandra Y Manzo Chandler, Arizona – HomeWrecker

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My husband started an affair with this whore for 9 months before I found out. He told me he wasn’t happy in the married after 16 years & 3 children, he just didn’t want to be married. I knew something was off but he kept denying it. He travels out of town for work a lot so it was easy for them. He left me & our kids. Moved into an apt and said he’s moving on with his whore. I was devastated. I felt as if my whole world was gone. I struggled badly. Not only did this whore have an affair with my husband she threw it all in my face once we discovered each other’s Facebook’s. He took her on so many trips , bought her material things . She is really evil. Things eventually went sour with them and my husband begged me back June 2014. I stupidly took him back . He moved back home and they still continued their affair . He’s been leading a double life going on 2 years now. It’s hard to throw away 16 years of building a life with someone to not try . I still keep catching him in lies and she still continues to see my husband knowing he has moved back home and we are back together. She continues to post things on her Face Book for me to see and admits to my husband she does it on purpose . I HATE her with everything in me. It is both their faults but she knows fully what she’s got herself into and begs him to leave me. I have told my husband many times to go live with her and be with her & her 3 kids and he says he cannot be without me. I’m now at the pissed off stage of feelings and ready to leave this triangle. I am starting to love myself again and realize I deserve more than this! They deserve each other and karma will take care of them both. I just want everyone to see this whore for what it really is. She plays the victim but she’s NOT. She is a no good low class whore. Thanks for reading.

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