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Sandra Mcvay Rayhnam , Massachusetts

First Name : Sandra
Last Name : Mcvay
Gender : F
Age : 31
City : Rayhnam
State : MA
Country : US
Phone : (508)718-7560
Alias 1 : Sandy

Watch out for her. She’ll play victim then slowly find a way to use you while still f*****g her ex. Also uses her so called “best friend Dana watson” promising him s*x and leading him on while just taking his money. All the while using you as well. S****y mom. Smokes weed while her daughter sleeps in the next room, door open. Has men sleep with her and her daughter jump into bed next to her and him in the morning. Says she’s broken. Yes she definitely is. Only a broken female would act the way she does. Will say she wants a man to be there for here and her daughter but will NEVER commit to you. Stay far away. She is toxic as they come

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