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Sabrina Louise Federico. Temecula CA, USA

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Manipulative, Lying, Destructive woman. 29 years old. Formerly attractive (she got fat as s**t because all she did when she lived with me was eat, drink, smoke pot, and watch s****y tv). She ropes guys in by using s*x as a handshake. She hates condoms and I’m so f*****g lucky she was clean. At one point she told me to c*m inside of her and I swear to g*d I dodged a bullet by not doing it. She snaked her way in to the middle of my marriage. Before I knew it, I got served with Divorce papers, she told me how she would be better, make me happy, be a loyal partner, etc. Bunch of bullshit in the end. I moved two states away to start a new job, and she got me to take her with me.

This narcissistic brat got me to support herself and her daughter for three months, feeding her alcoholism, need to get high, buying her s**t, taking her out to expensive places almost daily, and all of that. All while I busted my a*s day in and day out to maintain the cash flow to the tune of over 2k a month, just on her. The whole time she never looked or even attempted to get a job, never made good on any of her promises beyond the first week we moved in together. She was an absolute leech, and from other ex’s of hers I have spoken to, this is a definite pattern with her. The event that made me walk out on her was finding out she was arranging to have an ex of hers (who actually didn’t know she was in a relationship with me or anyone for that matter) fly up and she was going to f**k him while I worked and/or watched her daughter.

This chick is dangerous. She is a professional manipulator. So much so that she got me to question my own sanity during and after the fact. The therapist I ended up seeing is fairly adamant that Sabrina has a personality disorder or some form of psychosis. She is absolutely batshit crazy. She has no remorse for obliterating my marriage, taking advantage of both my ex wife and myself, ending up with all of my s**t and destroying my life. I have yet to hear an apology from her, only her spreading bullshit. She even moved back to the same town as me, I’m assuming because she couldn’t find anyone near our old place to con and so she could mooch off her parents until they get tired or her s**t and realize her sob story is a bunch of horseshit.

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