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Russell Boltwood, Piedmont, California Lawyer

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Russell Boltwood got caught having an affair in Jan of 2015. The affair took place in Vancouver on Sept 25th – 28th. It was later discovered that his wife – who had fallen sick with cancer had died 30 days after the affair . While his wife was on her death bed he left her side to cheat on her.

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  2. Lyle – your friends here with you in Edmonton all hope that you get the help you need. Posting random nonsense like this will only make your personal, legal and financial troubles worse. Posting nonsense like this will also get back to the court here, and Judge Holstrom and the other judges involved in the judgment against you won’t look at this well. Doing stuff like this also ends up involving your friends at Varco and Canamera. We all just hope you get some help soon.

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