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Rudy Cedillo, Abilene Texas USA

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Well he swore up and down that he had not cheated and I found out that he had been sending approximately 20 to 22 women his naked pictures and other pornographic materials to these women from himself every day. Along with that he was meeting them and he would tell them what good b****** they gave him and he would tell them he would take them out if they could get together and do it again but since he doesn’t have a car they would have to pick him up or he would have to find a ride. All of these women that he was texting or emailing the 22 or more sometimes the same sometimes different women but there were up to over 50 women in his email text account or Facebook Messenger that’s where he met most of them was on Facebook. That’s where he would come off like I’m a grandpa of two kids just looking for love and then get into really kinky sexual things. He would send pictures of his cock in various positions he would send other sexual pictures of women tied down SMS stuff. Basically he tells women that he Luvs nails and only them wants to be with them and he just needs to have sex cuz he hasn’t had sex in so long but yet there’s so many women that he did talked into having sex with him or giving him a b*******. And these women were all ages from young girls to old women. He doesn’t care about any of them but he makes all of them think that he does by sending them messages that say good morning beautiful and other things throughout the day that make them think that they’re special but in his Messenger account there would be 20 women messaged every morning between 4:30 and 6 a.m. with the exact same messages good morning beautiful send me some naked pictures today here’s one of mine and he would send a picture of his dick

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