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Ruben Lara Ruiz Jr. Nevada

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Usesless words full of lies, met online, pathetic, lies, he had a woman in CA, he told us both he wanted to marry, build a life, lies. Lies. Lies. All the “right” words. I met his familly extensively. Beautiful family siblings/parents. His mom tried to warn me. His dad said he was a loser. Oh How could I have been so foolish. We never messed around. He swore to God ALL THE TIME, we went to church, Bible study, the whole 9 yards. He bought numerous items, even flight tickets. His “charm” was empty. He lies. Lies Lies Lies. We took numerous trips together, all the while he called his ex-females & such. I found out on his “testosterone” weekend, he was with her, they did everything I am waiting for marriage to do, except I don’t drink–they did all these things—God knows. I prayed & God does reveal all-Well, I am out of it, done with the piece of work–he is sick. Mental. NPD. Venting is said to aid, if he is googled perhaps this will save someone some seriously lame drama

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