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Ruba Borno of Cisco in San Jose San Francisco Bay Area California CA

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Ruba Borno of Cisco is married but cheating in San Jose San Francisco Bay Area California CA. Ruba Borno of Cisco is married to a big fat unattractive clown yet no wonder she has had a number of extra marital affairs while billing all these dating and outing excursions towards dining, 5-star hotel stays, sight-seeing, etc. all under the guise of useless and bogus “business trips”. Her dolt of a hubby must be aware of Ruba Borno’s infidelities and sexual rendezvous with various men while being married. Ruba Borno was hired as an executive over a year ago to oversee Cisco’s “Growth Initiatives”. Guess what? Despite her inflated salary, stock options and many perks, this hideous cougar Ruba Borno has not delivered anything to Cisco shareholders. Was Ruba Borno hired simply as a diversity inclusion hire? Seems like it. Ruba Borno has also engaged in massive fraud essentially the peer review of her paper was a joke even than her friends were were peers. Cisco needs to FIRE Ruba Borno ASAP and get an executive who can grow the company and return value to shareholders.

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