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Roxanna J Chavez (Roxy)

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Roxy claims to be about Jesus but what kind of person cheats on her boyfriend with a married man. I asked her to marry me, why say yes then cheat right after. This girl is so desparate that she continues to harass the married guy. even tho he does not want her. I found text messages in her phone saying let’s meet for 20 mins behind the church in his car. She attached 3 nakad photos of her. She believes this guy will leave his wife and kids for her even tho he’s told her to leave him alone. He doesn’t want her. She also has sex with her brother. Her and her brother currently sleep in the same bed. She admitted to me they’ve had sex since they were real little. She’s pathetic She does drugs, she’s an alcoholic and steals from her job at LAX.

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