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Rose M Rizzo, San Antonio,TX US

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So my ex is a 37 yr old who works for USAA in San Antonio and has 3 kids and two failed marriages. She claims to have been in bad and/or abusive relationships. She thinks she looks younger than her age but her face looks old. She is obsessed with getting likes on facebook constantly. She has major hemmorrhoids so she may have taken it from the back in the past. She surrounds herself with guys that constantly put her on a pedistool. She has severe daddy issues and she’ll sleep with you without any work. And its not worth it. Avoid her at all costs, trust me you don’t wanna get involved with this headcase.

2 thoughts on “Rose M Rizzo, San Antonio,TX US

  1. She also lied and said she was divorced or it would be over soon. Her ex decided to get another girl and leave her basically. He was cheating on her. Don’t blame him.

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