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Ronald Taylor, Richmond, Indiana

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My baby daddy “Ronald Taylor” told me that he misses being young and not having are fat son around. Are son is 7 years old and he is not fat, its baby fat. He calls him fat f***s and tells him to get a job, keep in mind he dosent have one. I pay all the bills! Judge makes him pay child support which he dosent, hes missed every payment and his exescue is I had to pay my doctor some money, Thats lie because he is on caresource! if u see him plz report him to your local police department and comment ! your name ill pay. This man is a deadbeat father that cant even pay for his son to play his favorite game World of Warcraft, its only 15$ a month very popular game and he dosent pay it! He hasnt bought my son anything f*****g deadbeat dad!

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