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Roland G. Cardoza Chino hills, Irvine , CALIFORNIA, USA

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Roland Cardoza is a stalker. He won’t go away! HE TOLD ME HE NEVER WANTS TO SEE ME AGAIN- GOOD RIDDANCE I THOUGHT. I CHANGED MY NUMBER AND NEVER LOOKED BACK. He didn’t give a craaap how I felt when he snorted at me and called me a pig. He didn’t show any emotion when he gave me an std or when he told me about it thru text. Roland just topped it all off by a cold text to tell me what I think and feel do not matter & it means nothing to him, he has nothing left to say to me, he’s blocking my number and he never wants to see me again. All thru text. Well – Then I knew I was dealing with something not of this world. Roland G Cardoza is a demon. The cold evil beast inside of him has taken over his soul and isn’t leaving. The real Roland Cardoza has checked out and officially left the building. Ladies and Gentleman don’t take a chance with your health or your life by falling for the sly slick game this evil entity slivers in your ear. After all that now he’s stalking me. Driving by my house sitting & waiting to talk to me/ hurt me/ kill me ? Idk why is he stalking me? I had to file a police report against him so I can get a restraining order to keep Roland away from my home pets and family. Please don’t be fooled by this evil rotten slime dump truck= Roland Cardoza, IF YOU DO YOU WILL BE SORRY! HOPEFULLY THAT MISTAKE WON’T COST YOU YOUR LIFE! BEWARE!

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