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Robert Shields, Fairbanks Alaska Predator

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” Robert Shields ” Fairbanks Alaska Predator agenst women and Disabled. Rober Shields is a PREDITOR and a theft. On April 15th 2013 Robert Shields, using lies and manipulating, got into the home of a handy cap girl still in her 20s missing one of her 5 senses permanently from injury on a family trip. Robert beat this girl till her face was bleeding then told police when called he told them he lived with the girl when she had only known him no less then a month. when police let him back into her home because of lyes Robert Sheilds robber the handicap girl of $100s in personal posessions. When he was called and asked to return the property he called the girls father and made threats to the girls well being, the father had to get his land line phone disconnected to try and get him to stop.

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