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Robert Monia jr Ste Genevieve, Missouri

First Name : Robert
Last Name : Monia jr
Gender : M
Age : 60
City : Ste Genevieve
State : MO
Country : US
Email :
Phone : (561)258-8544
Alias 1 : Robert
Alias 2 : Bobby
Alias 3 : Bob

Ladies this psycho is bipolar, schizophrenic, delusional, he has no empathy or any feelings for other people. He is narcissistic and extremely violent. He wears womens panties to m********e. His d**k is very small and only gets hard when he takes testosterone. He is rude, his dad was a con artist who ripped out many people. His brother Keith is in prison for stealing from eldery people. He has no friends and his family members won’t talk with him. He is on a lot medicarions and 24/7 in pain. He has mood swings, he is tip, selfish and his d**k is very small. He dresses very bad and has a ridiculous moustache. He is a serial cheater. Please ladies do not fall for this guys, unless yuu find a way to take money from him. I did and a lady from Jamaica did it too. Check her put..Treanea Nerduck. Stay with him only for money. He has no emorion or sympathy for anyone. People told me that and I did not believe ir. Please I am begging you stay away from this psycho. He is dangerous and will break your ❤. He dresses so bad that is embarrassing. He is not smart, you can not have a conversation wirh him. He is so stupid and violent. He is like a looser who think material things is the most important thing in the whold. He is tip and a lier. He talks about ex girlfriends all the time..he is rude, lazy, snobb, arrogant, inappropriate, looks bad, dumb and shelfish. He lies, lies, and lies. Please if you what to stay with him do it for money because there is no future with this trash. The world would be a better place without him.

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