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Robert Mack Sr., Connecticut

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Have you noticed Robb is back running around in town! Who ever said he was looking over stuffed you are so right! That’s not drug that’s Lazy! Guess whoever’s car he was driving got tired of him I seen him in that piece of junk again.. Seen him driving wifey too she’s silly! You need help Mack! Settle down , grow up get a job, you are to old for all the stuff you Do. Jumping from woman to woman and none of them can keep you! Barbara stop feeding him to many spaghetti dinners is not Good! Running home to do laundry for your wifey or maybe to spend her money … wife get him a job he should be helping you with his money not some other bimbos. He’s just a Hobosexual, hobo is a better word cause there is nothing sexual about him!

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