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RN 1634165 Jing Xia Tesoriero HIPAA Violator and Child Abuser – AKA Jing Xia Sutherland / Jing Xia Holberger (DOB 12/1/1981) China / Florida / Colorado

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Here are the facts that we know about Jing Xia provided by multiple witnesses and documentation.

1981 (1980) December 1st: Jing Xia was born in Henan, China.

2000: Jing Xia entered into a sexual relationship with Kenneth Sutherland in exchange for free room and board. She openly admits that during the relationship, that she was aware that Kenneth Sutherland was raping his 12 year old step daughter.

2002: Jing Xia’s boyfriend, Kenneth Sutherland, was convicted of raping his stepdaughter multiple times and of possession of child pornography, which was stored on Jing Xia’s laptop. There were also several
photos and videos of Jing Xia preforming strange and unusual sexual acts with an elderly man (Kenneth Sutherland?).

2002: Jing Xia married Kenneth Sutherland, a convicted sexual offender (while serving a life sentence). After she received her green card and having an affair with Anthony Tesoriero, she divorced her imprisoned husband.

2007: Jing Xia-Tesoriero married Anthony Tesoriero. During their marriage, Jing Xia-Tesoriero had several issues with prescription drugs and alcohol abuse.

2009: Jing Xia-Tesoriero overdosed on 30+ Xanax tablets in Chengdu, China. She was taken to the local hospital where her stomach was pumped and her mental state was consider compromised thereafter.

2011: Jing Xia-Tesoriero was placed Lexapro for mental issues. To date, she is still on the medication.

2015 April: Jing Xia-Tesoriero now 2nd ex-husband, Anthony Tesoriero divorces her. This happened after their son reported to the father & friends that his mother had taken secret vacations with 28 year old hospital tech Douglas Holberger, and that the 2 had sex during those trips in front of the child.

2015: Jing Xia-Tesoriero was forced to resign her Emergency Room RN position at Martin Health Systems (Martin Memorial) in Stuart, Florida after she was found to be violating several patients HIPAA rights.
MHS Corporate Privacy

2015: Jing Xia-Tesoriero was investigated for child abuse, performing sexual acts in front of her then 5-year-old son and allowing him to play with a handgun (w/ammunition) by Florida DCF and police.

2015 June: Jing Xia-Tesoriero’s ex-hushand, Anthony Tesoriero was granted emergency custody of their son after it was found that Jing Xia-Tesoriero and Douglas Holberger had relocated to Colorado. Their plan was to violate court orders and hid the child from his father.

2015 August: During a visit by the father of her child (in Colorado), Jing Xia-Tesoriero lied to the father about the child’s living conditions, recorded and stated that she did not want the child. She then falsely accused and had the father arrested for theft. This was found to be part of a revenge scheme made up to gain leverage in family court. It should also be mention on that day, that Jing Xia-Tesoriero brought a loaded handgun to the campus of Eagle Ridge Elementary and threatened the child’s father with it.

2015 October: Jing Xia-Tesoriero advertised herself as an escort herself on Here photo can be found her at

2015 Dec 25: Jing Xia-Tesoriero met to exchanges the child with the father. The child states he doesn’t want to go with the her because Dog (Douglas Holberger) is sexual abusing him. After the exchange, Jing Xia-Tesoriero threatens the child, brings him back to the sheriff’s department and tells him she will leave him there for the father to pick up.

2016 January: Jing Xia-Tesoriero allowed her son to bring a 9mm shell casing to 1st grade, at Eagle Ridge Elementary. The child states that mama and Dog (Doug Holberger) plan to dress up and kill the father. Lone Tree police respond to the complaint and CPS investigates.

2016 March: Jing Xia-Tesoriero’s boyfriend, Douglas Holberger was evicted (by Douglas County Court) from her apartment and restricted to supervised visitations, after CPS verified claims of child abuse and sexual misconduct.

2016 March: After a continued year of abuse by Jing Xia-Tesoriero and Douglas Holberger, Jing Xia-Tesoriero falsifies medical information and has her son medicated daily. This is in hopes of covering up the damage that they have done to him. This has had a very poor effects on the child’s mental and physical state.

2016 May: Jing Xia-Tesoriero (and Douglas Holberger) plead guilty to child abuse and neglect of her child, in Douglas County, Colorado. Case # 16JV47.

2016 May: Jing Xia-Tesoriero has a restraining order placed against her for stalking her ex-husband, Anthony Tesoriero.

Currently: Jing Xia-Tesoriero lives in Englewood, Colorado and works at a Denver hospital. She drives a silver 4 door Kia (Colorado License Plate QML 555). She should be considered armed at all times and should be only approached with due caution.

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