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Riley C Day Manhattan New York Toronto Canada

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I’m submitting this on behalf of a girlfriend who is too nice to do this, but everyone needs to know about his cheating scumbag.

Riley was in a relationship with my friend, let’s call her M, for nearly 2 years. It recently ended because she caught him lying and two-timing with another girl while she went to visit him in New York. He didn’t even wait until my friend left to have a quickie with the other chick (LB). They both caught him with the other and when confronted, he kept lying to the both of them saying that nothing sexual or physical happened with the other. What a douchebag! He was also sleeping around with other women at the same time. Apparently, he started seeing the other chick two weeks before my friend flew to visit him. Riley had plenty of opportunities and chances to break things off with either one. He tried to two-time instead and failed miserably at it.

All women should be aware of Riley. He works at Swiss Re and has lived in Harlem, Hell’s Kitchen, W 53rd Mercedes House, but is planning on moving to Murray Hill with his friends (Jon and Murt). His online dating account on, OK Cupid is BigThoughts321 and has 5 tattoos at the moment. He will share stories of how he was the victim and the ‘nice’ guy who was wronged by his ex-wife and ex-girlfriends, then lead you on by sharing information about his childhood, his sisters and family to gain your trust and pity. He will act like a gentleman and pay for everything, which is all part of his game. My friend gave him plenty of opportunities to come clean but he just kept lying. You’d think someone with sisters would treat women better, but not only is he a pathological liar, he is also a manipulative cheater. No wonder his wife left him.

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