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Rhoda Heimbecker, Saskatoon, Canada

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Rhoda is a hardened gangster and career criminal, who is college educated, very articulate and well-spoken, and very beautiful. Do not let her appearance and warmth fool you, she is, and always has been a gangster. She has done time for fraud, drugs, and weapons charges. She is dynamite in bed, and this is her method of hooking men into her games of fraud and treachery. Rhoda has no empathy, and is sadistic to her core. She is an Aboriginal who can live off of the land, and on any day, go out and kill a deer and skin it within hours. It is this skill set that you should fear as she claims to have killed in the past, and is planning to use death as a means of getting even with her enemies. Rhoda is an IV drug user, and has the track marks to prove it. She is addicted to morphine and methamphetamine. She has never worked a day in her life, and had abandoned her 4 children to their father, and her ex.

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