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Reginald Geese, New York

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this liar and i were dating on the verge of marriage when i happened to become sick and had to go to the hospital now i have a sick daughter who has to take meds and when i went to the er i thought it would be a in and out case so to speak so i didnt bring her meds with me so after being in the hospital over night i call him and ask if he can get the meds for me he says yes……. hours go by and he still hasnt come to bring the meds no calls or anything so thankfully the hospital was able to write her a script to take with the people who were picking her up so he called me and told me he got fired cause they wouldnt let him come to get the meds ok i say i and i feel bad for ever doubting him so i brush it off but then i asked him why he hadnt come to see me mainly because he had lost his job right so then he tells me he was going to come to see me he said he was coming up soon the day goes by he doesnt come ok i say f*** u now so u know i was in the hospital for five days so wwhen i getout of the hospital my daughter ends up going to the hospital the next day so he calls me and tells me that the reason he got fired was because he left work for two days without reporting it beforehand anfd that he went to boston so i asked him when he went he said two days before i went to the hospital another thing you should know he was at my house the day before and if you were reading you would know he was lying he is a real piece of s***

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