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Raymond Frobosilo, New York

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His Package small, his technique mediocure!! MANWHORE ALERT!! He drives a black jeep commander, NY plates and a Grey Sierra Truck, NJ Plates. He lives in Lynbrook, Long Island, NY and has two teenagers. He owns his own business in Edison, NJ. He trolls craigslist searching for married women to have affairs with. I actually caught him searching Craigslist trying to find YET another women to sleep with WHILE SLEEPING WITH ME, and sent the wife the proof, he told her that I ”THREW” myself at him and he felt he ”HAD” to sleep with me. He also told her that I was the only ONE!!!!!! OMG! How stupid can one person be!!!! She bought ALL his lies!!! So now her anger is moved towards me, and NOT HIM!!!!! I am the bad one and he is innocent!!!!! This man is very cruel, muniplitive and disrespects women. I feel sorry for his wife because as soon as she ”trust” him again, he will right back on CL searching for women to sleep with!!!! This man WILL NOT, DOES NOT and NEVER will be faithful to his wife! Him and I met on CL, I busted him TWICE searching for other women to sleep with on CL! Old habits die hard!!!! I may have been stupid enough to get involved with a married man but at least I am not stupid enough to STAY with him KNOWING that he is a manwhore and only interested in sleeping with as many women as possible!!!!! He is SCUM!!!!

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