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Ray Kemp / Ray Crawford from Ghana ohio / Columbus ohio

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This man goes out of his way to cheat on his own family doesn’t care how he hurts his family or other people’s families he text and bothers people when told to stop he is borderline stalkerish he will not stop contacting even when told to he has gone out of his way to sleep with so many women behind his significant others back that she refuses to have sex with them without protection he goes out of his way to hook up with people who are in other relationships with different men he goes out of his way to make sure to interject himself in a woman’s life until she no longer wants to be with the man she is with he plays Mind Games buys toys and lingerie and chocolates and flowers for your woman and pays for hotel rooms so that your women can go and meet up with him and bang him on the slide behind him and your family he has cheated 8 times that his wife is aware of he has had sex with pregnant women and is gone out of his way to break up many families including my own he likes to workout to hide what kind of terrible person he is this man is borderline stalkerish and has already been told once 20 years ago to leave somebody alone when following them home from school this guy is a bad person and certainly not someone you want your woman around or sleeping when he does not care even if he gets someone pregnant stay away from him ladies he’s bad news he’s from Columbus Ohio area he was born and bred in Springfield and is the very definition of ghetto trash

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