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Ranielle Smith Chavez, Odessa, Texas

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I want you to know a couple things. For one my beautiful wife had nothing to do with the huge mistake I made fucken with your ugly crazy ass. She is the only women I have ever loved. Yeah I told you I loved you but I lied about it all I never fucken loved you or liked you for that matter. I fucken hate your stupid ugly caveman face and square body. Your the one that always called me and asked me to go see you and fuck your nasty dark ass stinky pussy. Yeah I went to fuck you, but only Cause I was bored and your were easy and why do you think I had to drink every time. It’s easier when I was drunk. Remember bitch your the one that always called me after years of not talking to you or seeing you. I only asked you not to breakup with me cause you threatened to tell her everything that we done and I didn’t want to hurt the only person I love like that. And I didn’t want to break my wife’s heart by some whore calling her to tell her bull shit and edited messages, like you’ve sent her. You’ve tried to made your self out to be this innocent girl and your far from it. If you didn’t want dick so bad like a whore would, why did you buy me an I phone or pay shit like you did you even bought the condoms cause you knew your nasty pussy was gross. That the definition of a whore or prostitute it’s in the dictionary read it bitch. You might learn something instead of faking it till you make it. You think that your a god dam victim, but you at your own will participated in all the shit that happened. So stop your shit talking about my wife and keep on faking it till you make it, like all your fucken ( jobs you’ve had) you talk shit about my wife, all she is doing is backing up what is hers ( ME ). So fuck off bitch and leave my family out of ( My ) fuck up. If you have any fucken problems with me, to bad bitch. Fuck off and get over it I don’t want you, and your fucken lucky I even gave you a time of day bitch. You never gave me or done anything that was special or even worth remembering. Everytime I said I would find you give me time to get my shit together and we’d be together, WAS BULLSHIT. I said it to get you to leave me the fuck alone, but you wouldn’t stop calling me on your phone then you threaten to keep calling my personal phone. I didn’t know and I should of known that your crazy bitch head was saving all the messages and I didn’t save shit cause I didn’t ever love you and didn’t care about you. You think you were the one your fucken wrong. Your flat nasty head and pinned back fucked up ears, your huge ass jaw and nasty crooked teeth. Your dirt rings on your neck and dark knuckles and fingers. The way you stunk even in the shower. There was nothing to like about you. You called me mad cause you wrecked your car and I wasn’t there to help you I fucking wished you died. Don’t you see that I didn’t care about you at all? All I cared about was my wife and boys and wished some how I could just get rid of you. Fake accounts on Snapchat and Instagram that you created. All a lie. I couldn’t stand your nasty slobber on my dick when you sucked it ur fucken breath and the way you faked like it hurt you but you didn’t mind swallowing my cum cause your a whore. I had to hold the condom on my dick because I couldn’t keep my dick hard . Being with you has made me realize how bad I fucked up and much I love my perfect pink wife. I have learned many lessons from you. And I know that you are the lowest nastiest most embarrassing thing I have ever done. And my wife has my back. She’s here for me in every way. I know it was you that spoofed your number and called my wife from the parking lot. And asking me about the truth over and over all randomly. I know what you did. We have all the proof before you edited it and scratched your ugly face out and deleted the drunk videos of me. And so you know I sent my wife almost all of the same videos I sent you. Stupid. I always talked to her first every single day and last every single night. She’s the one who put me in all the great moods I was in. Look at my face. I looked away with disgust at you and myself. We have one thing in common we both know how to fake it. But I’m better at it bitch! I never loved “yoy” .

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